James Kirk has been working for the CIA since he was eighteen, one of the youngest the bureau has ever seen. He loves his country and his job, and has been the end of many a high-priority criminal.

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy is a notorious doctor-turned-assassin after his daughter’s death. His services aren’t cheap, but they’re ruthless and precise; in fact, he’s never failed to complete a job once.

The week that marks Jim’s eight year anniversary at the CIA, Jim is assigned to take down the doctor of death. It’s an assignment that anyone of his fellow agents would kill for, and he’s more than excited to work the case. But when he arrives at an exclusive party where Bones is rumored to be in attendance, things get complicated.

The man takes Jim’s breath away, and not in a malicious way. Even when he tries to shake it off and approach the famed hitman, he finds himself lured in by the ex-doctor’s thick southern drawl, and his wit. When the CIA arrive and abruptly crash the party without Jim’s go-ahead, he finds himself protecting the assassin.

When it’s all settled and they’ve escaped, Jim is left with the mark of a traitor, and nothing to his name but the clothes on his back. Lucky for him, McCoy is as drawn to the agent as the agent is to him. So with the criminal’s guidance, Jim finds himself a place at Bones’ side.

"Why’d you save me, kid?"
"I don’t know. It seemed like a shame to let a perfectly good accent go to waste."
"Aren’t you charming? Come on, I guess I can’t just leave ya here lookin’ all pathetic."

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